Large, Non-Workshop Events

Formal Dances

Check out what my formals consist of here at the Anime Iowa Formal Dance page!
These events feature an in-character cast, amazing set of music, contests, prizes, coronations, dance, and so much more! If you are interested in having me help out with running a formal ball, please feel free to contact me at

Anime Iowa Formal Ball

Improv Events

These events vary from dances to mystery dinners and formal socials. The Improv events are hosted by various good and bad guys of the two universes, with various, staged performance and entertainment setups throughout the event. From staged "kidnappings" to "hostage situations" by the baddies (such as Joker or Loki, for example), and all with a chance for our heroes to save the day! These are fun, interactive events for attendees to enjoy and feel immersed in their favorite comic universe. :)

 Panels, Workshops and Discussions

Cosplay Workshops/Panels/Discussions:

**Controversies in the Cosplay Community
*Art of Cosplay 101: Convention and Cosplay Etiquette
*Cosplay: A World Beyond
*Armour Making: Craft Foam
*Armour Making: Thermoplastics (Beginners)
*Armour Making: Thermoplastics (intermediate)
*Armour Making: Detailing (beginners)
*Armour Making: Fine Detailing
*Art of Cosplay I: Acting in Costume
*From Hobby to Career: Cosplay and the Costuming Business
*So you want to be a cosplay judge?

Japanese Culture:

**A Gaikokujin's Guide to Living in Japan
*Living in Japan: A Tourist Guide of Things to Do
*Living in Japan for Adults (18+)
*Kimono Kitsuke (beginners)
*Kimono Kitsuke (intermediate)
*The Japanese Mind
*Japanese Dialects: Kansai vs Standard

Humanities Projects and Discussions

Cosplay Against Bullying

It is important for children and adults to understand that bullying is NOT okay! Unfortunately, bullying is still a continuously growing problem in public and private schools, and these students are not getting the education they need against bullying. Bullying happens in all sorts of forms, to all different walks of people. No one should ever be subjected to the mental, physical and emotional abuse that bullying causes.

Cosplayers tend to get bullied a lot, especially in high schools or younger years because of the "oddities" of our interests. Why not step up in the very things that people are not familiar with and help teach them that it is NOT okay to bully someone else? :)

Much much more to come! Please stay tuned for updates!

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