Past Events

 I tend to spend a lot of my time planning things, such as future events, current events, ways to entertain my free time,  and I also enjoy helping others plan their events.

Since 2009, I have organized/helped organize a number of panels and workshops at conventions, as well as balls or dances.

Conventions/Places I have held/helped with/participated in events at:

Anime St. Louis
Anime Iowa
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
Missouri Botanical Gardens
Rennfaire St. Louis
USS Dixie Reunion
Kuroshitsuji Photoshoot at Washington University St. Louis
Kimono Workshop and Classes at Animeggroll
Season Change Ceremony
(Greater St. Louis Acting Troupe/Greater St. Louis Performer's Society)
Akihabara, Tokyo
Takatsuki-shi, Osaka
Crystal Fair (My Little Pony Convention)
Anime Demoii
Mid Con Comic Show
Anime Midwest
Akai Con

Other events since 2009:

Kimono Fashion Show
Basics of Japanese Dance (dance performed by Kimono-san of St. Louis)
MTAC Street Fashion Show (Manba gyaru fashion)
Japanese Festival Bon Odori & Tohzan Ryu Dance Performances
International Festival Bon Odori at various locations
Japanese Dance Performances at Scott Air Force base
Performance at USS Dixie Veterans Reunion
Ikeda Matsuri Nihon Buyou Performance
Kimono Kitsuke assistance at ACEN
(prior to 2009) 
Kimono & Cosplay Event in Takatsuki-shi
Midwest Costume Academy

If you would like to contact me to help with an event, appear as a guest, or host an event (includes panels and workshops), please contact me at:

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