Happy Holidays!!!

Season's greetings and happy tidings! I wanted to wish everyone an amazing holiday and end of the year!  This year has been jam-packed fun and exciting and I am very much looking forward to next year! Already got a bunch of stuff planned out and working on so stay tuned for those updates!  I've released a basic pattern making tutorial on my Deviant Art and Facebook page so be sure to check those out when you have some time!

Please have a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!!! <3

What a Summer!!!

The first thing I want to do is thank Anime Iowa, Akai Con, and Cosplacon 2014 for having me as a guest this year! I had so much fun and it is such an amazing and phenomenal experience to have with all of the attendees, staff and other guests!!! I look forward to the future with all of you! 

I will now be doing Parties as a performer! For information on booking please email me! 

I want to give an awesome and loud shout out to my talented friends Alexa Heart, Alvadore, Abigail, Kyle, Dylan, and Jill for their talent and success at Mid Con Comic Show in Iowa City!!!

New Events!

A few new events have been added to my list of events! To view them, please visit my Presentations Page!

New Materials, New Cosplays! :D

Working on some new cosplays using new materials and things that I haven't tried out before. :)  Look forward to some tutorials; including makeup tutorials, armour making, and other cosplay related fun! Keep an eye on my blog at mimirucosplaydiary.blogspot.com for these tutorials! 

2013 Ready to Rock 'n Roll!!!

Excellent times coming up and excellent events! I hope everyone is up for a little bit more of Japan-fananza and interactive Japanese Culture events!!!!  2013 will be presenting some new, never before presented performances and more advanced kimono and Japanese lessons!

Featured Events and Locations:
Anime St. Louis
Middle Tennessee Anime Convention*
Anime Iowa*
Missouri Botanical Gardens

Generation III: War

Generation III: War has officially been launched! Including more female cosplays, more game characters, and now I am even beginning Generational Pokemon Gijinka in addition to War. :-)

Anime Iowa

I hope to see some of you at Anime Iowa this year! (This weekend, actually!)  I look forward, very much so, to meeting and talking and cosplaying with you all!

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